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Friday, September 23, 2011

First Day of Fall!

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I somehow can't think of a better way to celebrate the arrival of Fall, than with a ride.  From a cloudy, somewhat overcast morning with a good wind blowing, we ended up in bright sunshine, high humidity & temperature over 80!  The mares worked up a good lather & we did too.  
Gorgeous in the woods~
Lots of trailers at the Bracken parking area, plenty of riders with the same idea we had.  We tried some different trails, I worked on getting Farah IN to mud puddles, after a somewhat quick sideways jump to avoid one!  Finally, she was walking through for me & getting lots of praise :-)  If she doesn't get used to them now...  I can't imagine that she would possibly make a trail horse in Western, WA!

She was showing me some attitude today too.  Picking up the speed of the trot  & resisting when I asked her to slow it down :-)  Of course with all the  bravado of youth, on her side - the gold mare prefers to be in front!   What she found out today though - is if you're in front - then decide to stop or avoid a mud puddle, the other horse gets the lead!  We're working on getting the rear-end disengaged too!  What?  Move my rear end???   I'd rather be moving forward!
Rose Hips~
I would have taken the day a few degrees cooler, but that will come soon enough!  Leaves were already flying through the air, in a couple more weeks & with a few more cold nights the colors will start to show!

As a post-script to those of you with Garmin Forerunner 205 GPS units...  It seems they are NOT waterproof :-(  At Bare Bones, when I first looked down at mine, I thought the water was just on the lens...  not... it was all the way inside.  Once home, I plugged it in & it actually downloaded my data from the ride.  I could see the moisture inside, so put it out in the sunshine each day & really thought it had dried out.  Today, when I went to turn it on, nothing...  This is my favorite gizmo... so I sure hope it recovers!


  1. That sounds like a great way to welcome Fall! I love Farah's ear shots, they look taupe in color, is she a roan?
    Karen W.

  2. Happy Fall!

    So sad to hear your 205 died. I got mine at an REI garage sale for under $50, but I'd still hate to replace it. I keep it clipped to the saddle so I'm not sure how I'd waterproof it... maybe a water-resistant bag?

  3. Her color has been debated more than once, but we've settled on "Chocolate Palomino" minus the flaxen mane that she lost about age 4.

    Funder! Good to hear from you! A zip-lock would probably work! I had it under my sleeve most of the ride, but it wasn't enough... I've contacted Garmin to see if it can be repaired - if drying it out doesn't work.

  4. I just got my replacement Garmin 305 after they determined that mine was unfixable (still under warranty, fortunately). I suspect that rain may have contributed to the demise of the first unit,and will endeavor to keep the replacement drier....although how I can do that on a rainy day without covering it with my sleeve (and blocking the signal) is still a mystery. Sigh.

  5. Even under my sleeve part of the time & soaking wet - it held & downloaded the data! Got to give it credit for that! My warranty is up... Just hoping it will dry - otherwise - Butch plans on a "dismantle" OH NO!


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