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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Looking like Fall ~

Vine Maples Turning Color
What a difference in our weather!  From high 80's & blazing sunshine, to cool, gray - drizzle.  Joyce & I met at Bracken yesterday, for late morning ride.  We were the only two rigs there when we headed out on the trails just after 11.  Joyce made familiar trails look new as we logged a good ten-miles of trotting.   I rode Khari, who again showed me that her temperament has mellowed over the last couple weeks. 
Another great ride!
Really looking forward to Heidi's Bare Bones ie. No-Frills Ride down at Capitol Forest this coming weekend!  The Evergreen Sportsman's Club used to host the American Diabetes ride in the early 90's. It was the first competitive type of  ride that we ever did on our first horses!  We also used to camp there for Competitive Trail Rides sponsored by the Washington State Horseman.

In 2006, I entered my first Competitive Trail ride in years with Khari!  It was really fun & Khari learned a lot!  The floating yellow slicker on a hanger that a man was moving back/forth at the side of the trail -  was Not something that she thought should Be there!  She tried to back away, rear, etc.  After I asked him to just throw it at me & I draped it over her withers - she calmed down & we passed that obstacle test! 

If you've never done CT, consider it!  Especially with young horses!  It teaches them a lot & it's a great place to learn how to pace your horse!


  1. Hey Connie, I can't wait to hear your ride story. Thanks for the compliments on Cartman, I would love to get together for a ride some time, that would be really fun!
    Karen W.

  2. Thanks for giving me the tip on my blog settings! Forgot to ask if your hour home from the ride was north or south?


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