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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Last Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer...

Ben fishing the Sauk
Summer?  Where has it gone?  It seems as though we only had a few weeks of incredibly nice weather, before the days started getting shorter, nights cooler & sunrise later!  Even the air is starting to smell like fall!  At least in the mountains! 
Ben gets off the bus~
Ben is back in school, so his days of doing what he loves are shorter & shorter!  Even so, once he's off the bus, he asked to go fishing!  He caught a big humpie by snagging it on a gill!  They were that thick in the water! 

It was just an amazing day to be outside!  I love making the drive up to Darrington, even if it cost me $100. to not quite fill the tank in the Bronco!   (That with my grocery store discount!)
Skyla at 5 1/2 months
Skyla is growing by leaps & bounds!  She can now roll-over, but once over - the fussing starts, because - now she needs to learn to flip back!  Mommy has taught her to go 1/2 way :-)  That way you can reach other toys & not get frustrated!  The best part of any little sister's day though, is having big brother come home! 
Ben greets Skyla :-)
The best part of mine, is spending time with these two & their Mom!  All too soon, the leaves will be gold & that crisp feeling in the air...  will be Fall!


  1. Bring that fish right over here to my skillet, please!

  2. What a great fishing picture! That river is just beautiful- what exactly is a humpie?
    Karen W.

  3. Grandson Ben is a lucky kid!
    "Humpie" is a slang term for Pink Salmon; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pink_salmon


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