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Monday, September 12, 2011

What's More Fun Than a Basket of Beagles?!

Mischief's Litter-mates!
Sunday was HOT!  Probably our hottest day of the Summer.  We watched part of the morning news & some of the reviews of 911.  So sad & could only watch so much.  Checking out what others were doing on Facebook, found that Heidi was going to a "Hound Show" at the Stanwood Fairgrounds!  Sounded like a fun way to spend some time! 

For Beagle Fans - such as ourselves, it was a blast to see so many of our favorite breed in one place!  We gained a appreciation of the work involved in showing dogs, let alone Beagles.  They prefer of course, having the nose to the ground - rather than following their handler!
Regardless, Heidi did a super job of showing her dogs & went away with points for several!

Heidi & Lauren
 We thought the crate on wheels a very clever way to contain the hounds :-)  I gained appreciation too, for the beautiful photos taken at the shows.  Everything was very fast moving!

Butch taking the Beagles to Heidi's car :-)
Granddaughter Cassidy will be old enough to show her new Beagle Luna in 4-H next year!  We hope she does!

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