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Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Evergreen State Fair!

The Banner says it all~
What a gorgeous day to go to the Fair!  Some of the best weather we can remember having on Labor Day weekend!  We made the "rounds" to all of our favorite places, starting at the historical exhibits & displays.  Stories, photos & effects of the pioneers from Monroe's history.  I've always found old pictures to be so intriguing!  A snapshot of a life & time long gone.  What amazing stories these photos tell & history is preserved - all by the snap of the shutter!
Horsepower here!

Racing the Iron Horse!
We really enjoyed the displays of antique farm equipment & household appliances.  Some that we actually could remember from visiting our Grandparents!

My Grandmother had one of these~
All you needed in a well stocked kitchen!
 On the upper left cabinet door was this helpful chart!
Next we headed to the barns of exhibits.  The quilts & handcrafts are my favorites!  

Easy to see why this was a winner!
It took us several hours to make our "rounds" & not miss any favorites.  Of course we got hungry & Had to have the stuffed bread from Kaleenka's! 
Lake Stevens Grange
Considering the weather this year, the amount, variety & quality of the produce was outstanding!  The way the display was arranged was well organized, but interesting, informative & diverse!   the logging demonstrations were Great as usual!  I could have easily taken home about any of the carvings, but below are two that are on my list!  :-)

Horse Carving
Amazing bench~
I always look forward to the Rodeo, but we were both disappointed overall.  The "High Valley Riders" Drill Team was Great!  They rode fast & were exciting!  But when it came to the Bronc riding, Bull riding, roping etc., there just weren't enough entries to keep the action going or maintain any excitement.  The announcer was a bit loud, blamed the traffic & didn't give much information about the contestants that Did compete.  (The "Clown" was even on crutches.)  The "highlight" for us anyway - - was the cute little 3-year old girl, who was in the Barrel Racing! :-)  A perfect run & she rode like crazy!  Bet her parents were Proud!
3-year old barrel racer!
We ended up our day with Elephant Ears!  Enjoying the sights & sounds of the carnival!
After Dark~

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  1. We had a great day at the Fair also--we never miss the salmon BBQ at the longhouse, and I especially wanted the kids to see the logging show, since this is old logging land and they knew *nothing* about the process of getting trees down from a hill. They had fun at the museum too, but their fave spot was the goat barn!


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