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Friday, September 9, 2011

Hot Day's Ride~

Ride Route
I took the last trailer parking spot at the Glass School parking by 11 a.m.!  We knew it would be Hot, but did some exploring and managed to ride in the shade during the hottest part of the afternoon. We ended up completely off the Port Blakely side of the tree farm - called Linda, who gave us directions to find our way back!  It was great to get in a almost 20-mile ride & find some really nice dirt trails that swished through the trees!  

Khari had a good check-up last week, nothing wrong, firing on all cylinders, eyes looked clear & healthy etc.  Decided to cut back on her Alfalfa, also giving her a new flax supplement that Diane recommended at;  www.horseflax.com.

Making more than one change at a time, isn't what I usually like to do, so whether it's the reduction of Alfalfa, or the new flax, or a combination - she seemed to enjoy herself yesterday & was ready to go when I walked up with her halter.

Also re-read the AERC web site - Khari has to accumulate all her miles in endurance rides of 50 or more to receive her 1,000.  We're 50-miles away & going strong!  I've already received my 2,000 patch - even though I too, have 50-miles left to ride to actually have reached that goal.  I’m hoping for a nice completion at Bare Bones.  Foothills  was on our list, but it's a bit early & I'll be gone to my niece's wedding in AZ!

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