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Monday, November 10, 2014

Another Stellar Day~

Yellows & sunshine~
Today was the coldest morning I think we've had so far.  It's the day that Joyce & I usually try to ride, Charlotte joined us!  My first time dressing in a thermal shirt, warm riding pants, polar fleece vest & a coat over!  Even so, it was chilly - mid 40's when we saddled up.
Mirror clear wetland~
Charlotte had limited time to ride, so Joyce decided to take us over to what I call the lower trails - they're low when compared to the climb we did on Friday :-)  Saying that, we still managed 1,300+ feet in elevation gain.  Joyce was riding Target & Charlotte was riding Aliento.  Farah likes both geldings - but even so - she was again on the make...  In the first few steps, when Joyce headed out - Farah started her mini-bucks - so I had to ask Joyce to let me lead.  Further into the ride, I put Farah in the rear & spent most of the ride, working on calming her down.  As Joyce said, I was the one who got the workout!
We come off the trail to this clearing!
It wasn't too long, until the sun started warming up the day.  Joyce took us on the beautiful little loop that we'd found earlier this season, which is where I took the photo at the top of this post.  Finding large Douglas Fir isn't easy!
View of Victoria
At the next viewpoint I recognized the shape of Victoria, from further south than I usually see it.  We were trotting right along with Joyce's dog Jackson in the lead - when a pickup truck rounded the corner & we all came to an abrupt halt!  Luckily he wasn't going fast & we had the space to pull off.  Another reminder to always be cautious on the logging roads.

As usual Joyce guided us on a really nice loop that got us back in time.  Once home it was still warm enough that I gave Farah a bath & washed her saddle pad.  More fun than the mowing that I should have done!  Amazing how quickly that 54 in Arlington dropped to 40 at home!  We've been so spoiled, but I don't think its going to last!

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