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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Fall Shopping ~

The last of Molback's Fall displays~
It's been a stormy week, with a very few sun breaks - a good time to go visit with Courtney & do some shopping!  I'm not going to post photos of all the Christmas decorations going up at Molbacks - they'll be plenty of time for that after Thanksgiving!  Molbacks has always been a port-in-the-storm - during the fall/winter months especially, when we're looking for blasts of color & the nice bright atmosphere of the large greenhouses.
Pumpkins & Lanterns~
We enjoyed the amazing displays, found some great ideas for holiday projects & walked through all the plants - where I found a Tuscan Blue Upright Rosemary shaped like a small tree.  The smell is wonderful, it's sitting in a pretty new white pot, by my kitchen window :-)
Tuscan Blue Upright Rosemary
 Afterward, we headed over to the Pomegranate Bistro for a soup & sandwich lunch.  Outstanding as usual!  Next, time to pick up those grand-kids after school.  Mason & Cassidy attend the same middle school, which makes it handy.  Cassidy has piano lessons on Wednesday's, we stopped at the library before dropping her off.
Mason, Grammy & Cassidy
It's hard to believe how much these two have grown!  I've tried putting heavy books on their heads, stretching exercises for me - nothing seems to work!  They're going to top me in height any day now!  If you think the time goes fast as your own kids are growing up, it's Nothing compared to how fast your grandchildren will!  I'm just so thankful that they're close enough, for us to have the amazing opportunity to see them grow & become wonderful human beings.
Tolt Yarn & Wool
While we waited for Cassidy, we stopped by Tolt Yarn & Wool!  This space has been completely restored by the new owners & what an incredible job they've done!
Color, Color, Everywhere!
I'd never felt alpaca yarn & it has to be one of the softest substances on the planet!  What it would be like to work with, I don't know - but one of these days I might try a very small project :-)

After picking Cassidy up, we had to go for frozen yogurt, my newest craving - thanks to those same grand-kids!  :-)

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  1. OooooOoooh look at that yarn. I have no idea how to crochet or knit or anything, but One Of These Days I'll learn, because I love looking at / fondling yarn.

    Maybe the frozen yogurt will stunt the grandkids' growth. ;)


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