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Friday, November 7, 2014

Drinkin' in the Sunshine!

Just over 1,800 feet~
Fin-a-lly!  It seemed like Forever!  Our longest time away from the trail this year...   Joyce & I had planned to ride today & it was great to wake to sunshine & bright blue skies!  We met at the Morgan Horse Club & were on the trail in no time.  Within a few feet, Farah was doing her airs-above-the-ground,  I decided to dismount & walk her a way until she settled down.  She's in a tough heat cycle & even though she seemed happy to be out & be with Jesse, she was really a handful.
A beautiful doe!
 We were just a short way out when we saw this beautiful doe!   I'd hoped for a nice clear shot, but in my hurry to get the camera out & still keep Farah in hand - it's blurry.  Since both of us had all day to ride, we took it easy & headed for the hills.
Joyce & Jesse
  Every time we picked up the speed, Farah's antics would get worse.  She was like riding a bomb ready to explode.  Joyce asked if I wanted to go up the Hill of Death?  That sounded good & both horses dug in as we walked up.  We passed the original end of that climb & continued up the new logging road that we'd discovered earlier this year.
Big Lake
 As usual, the higher we went - the better we felt.  There's just something about getting up there that's almost spiritual as Joyce commented.  The quiet, the peace, the distance - an addiction, at least for me.
The Sound, Islands & Olympics~
We stopped at the top, Farah got a cookie, Jesse reminded me that he too gets cookies :-)  He is such a good boy - totally ignoring Farah's threats & then allowing her to touch noses with him & "be friendly" with her.  Both of us walked back down the climb - it felt good to stretch out our legs & enjoy that almost warm sun!
Mt. Baldy~
 I hadn't noticed on our last visit that we were so close to little Mt. Baldy - that I've taken photos of from the ridge at Victoria.  The tree top points it out :-)  Once we were down, Joyce took us over to the trail that we both just love galloping up & asked if I wanted to; "Open Farah up?"  I put her in front & offered her the run.  She started at a trot, then almost before I was ready - literally Exploded!  She had the bit, was On the rein, running straight & true, no messing around!  Going Fast, Very Fast & we were flying!  There were branches down & we were over them in a heart beat!  I started asking her to slow up a little & was relieved to feel her respond.  In the next second - Jesse was On us!  He was Not going to let Farah get away from him!  :-)
Amazing "Orange Peel" Fungus
We found these fungus growing in the rock near the top of our climb - brilliant orange & as pretty as a flower bloom.
Himalayan Blackberry
Another surprise, was to find this blackberry setting new fruit!  That tells us something about the mildness of this fall season - at least to date.  On our way back, I could feel Farah finally relax & what a relief that was!  We'd been out exactly five-hours when we returned to the trailer.  Farah was a much happier mare than the one I'd started out on...   Joyce & I shared her feelings!  Just a spectacular ride & both of us were oh so happy have spent such a day in the saddle!

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