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Monday, November 17, 2014


Cold & Crisp!
I'd hoped to have a riding buddy today - but that didn't happen, so since I'd expected an early start, I decided to wait an hour then head up to Victoria.  There the roads, though frozen rock hard - at least are not slippery.
A light layer of ice on the Wetland~
We were the only ones on the mountain I think.  I started out slow, giving Farah plenty of time to warm up & she still wanted to gallop up the first hill :-)  I put my jacket on the back of the saddle & rode in a thermal shirt, flannel shirt & fleece vest.  My Polartec Wind Pro riding pants did the trick & my legs stayed warm.
Iced up~
The one "trail" that we do use in the winter months - that goes up the east side of the mountain - was so very frozen that Farah was slipping every step.  It's in shade most of the day, so I'm sure it will take a few days of warmer temperatures before it thaws.
Looking SE
Once we crested the top though - the opening of the view was worth the climb!  I looked forward to every bit of sunshine that we rode in - to warm up from the cold of the shade!
Whitehorse & Three Fingers
The zoom on my new little camera is a touch longer than on the old one.  With the temperature inversion, there's a slight haze.  Even so - I was amazed that hand held & sitting on a horse - this photo came out as clear as it did!
The Olympics~
By the time we got to the Monument for our lunch break - the day was about as warm as it would get.  The haze was sitting below the tops of the Olympics & gave the view a whole new dimension.  Not quite a purple mountain majesty - but certainly many shades of blue!
Farah hears something!
Shortly after I took this photo, we ran into two other riders!  They were bundled up to their ears too & out enjoying the sunshine regardless of the cold!  We moved on - dropping down the hill to the lower road.  From there Farah insisted that she knew a trail that we'd not taken in forever.  I let her have her way.  Frozen solid I couldn't see where we'd be doing any damage!  She was right!  We found a shorter way back up to the top!
Mt. Rainier
Again, I took the way past the upland meadow - still planted with the bio-fuel fast growing trees that haven't grown.  The ones planted lower down have been cut down - I'm thinking these will have the same fate.  It was worth it to get another photo of the Mountain!


  1. So beautiful. Love the icy wetland!

  2. You have such beautiful country to ride. One of the best vacations my husband I took was one that took us driving around the Cascade Loop. I had never seen anything like it, and I can't wait until we get to go back. We were there in apple season, and we saw sunshine, fog and snow. God's country.... love it!


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