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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The "Color" of Rain~

Hydrangea bloom~
 I'm missing my addiction!  Even with one of the five wettest October's on record, it still seemed like I had many good ride days.  With the coming of November - Rain!  For those of us in the convergence zone, not just a little rain, but torrential downpours that come in waves.
Cottage & Golden Ninebark
On such a wet, gray day - I took the camera with me on my morning walk.  Looking for the beauty in the day & finding plenty.  There were originally three planted around the pond, with the shade of the Big Leaf Maple overhead, two didn't get enough light.  Then - the maple lost a big branch & the remaining shrub flourished.
Vine Maples
Up in the woods, the yellows seemed So bright!  Nothing like yellow to brighten any morning!   With the non-stop rain of last night - I could hear the creek from the house!  It was no surprise to see that our little creek had expanded since yesterday.
Water under the bridge :-)
 The wild cherry trees have dropped their leaves, faster than I could get a photo of them while still on the trees - but - they're still beautiful on the ground.  Luckily I always have plenty of projects that I save for those rainy days that will continue coming for several months now!
Let there be Light!
So - as I usually do this time of year - the lights come out!  I love the amber lights that Ben Franklin sells in their seasonal lighting displays.  It brightens my day every time I look out the sliding door & see the warm glow.  We found the lantern at our favorite garden/gift shop on Chuckanut Drive.

With the time change, Butch is now coming home after dark & it seems much later than it is - at least it will until I get used to it!  Sunset?  4:44 p.m.!  :-)  Happy FALL!


  1. Oh, I haven't heard of or been in a Ben Franklin store in FOREVER!

    The rain has just been unbelievable. Supposed to be clear Friday and Saturday though!!

  2. I love the fall colors in your yard!


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