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Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Thaw~

Ice melting~
It was actually a little icy, muddy & mucky today...  The plans I'd looked forward to for today were cancelled last evening...  So - since it wasn't raining yet - I did what I do when I'm happy, sad, disappointed, etc. - rode!  The trailer wasn't hitched & I didn't want to take the time to haul out, so we just headed out again from home.  50 degrees felt positively WARM!
Wetland through the trees~
I still haven't cut my trail back in - to be able to visit this large wetland again & it's been a very long time.  Still on my to-do list!  Lots of memories of Grandson Ben riding Jas.  I'd bring hot coco in a thermos & the two of us would enjoy that & a cookie!
Farah at "lunch"
It was our usual ride, out to the gas lines - before we left it had started to sprinkle.  I started Farah a couple days ago, on a Magnesium supplement that's been recommended by two friends.  I was hopeful that it will improve her outgoing attitude! All was fine until we started back, when the usual head tossing accompanied by lifting the front end off the ground & leaping into the air on the way to a canter started...  She's usually much better when we're on our own - more animated with other horses - so I'm still hopeful that I'll see some improvement.
The trail back~
The shades of gray, with low hanging clouds seemed to highlight all the rust colors of the Salmonberry.  The air smelled so fresh - a combination of the fallen leaves musty smell & diluted wood smoke.  Definitely - smells associated with Fall!
New Beaver Dam!
I took a little detour & we busted through some brush & soft footing to check out the small creek that has been getting wider!  Found the reason it has!  The Beaver have built a nice new dam & have now started a nice, new wetland.  Just beautiful!  It might make a nice place to cool your feet on a hot day.  I just hope that someone doesn't come up & start trapping them all again!
Pilchuck under clouds~
As we dropped down the hill, the rain was moving in over the mountain!  A light breeze came up & the freshness of this gray day was so refreshing!  It felt So good to get out, be out & be riding my favorite girl - even if we were airborne half the way home :-)

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