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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Blue, Gray, February Day~

Cutting through~
I can't believe that I hadn't ridden since the 30th!  Rain & a busy schedule contributed to Farah getting time off that she didn't want or need :-)  Then - Linda's neighbor brought home ten Jersey cows!  This made for some exciting time on the two farms!  Farah was in the trailer when the little herd of young heifers came over to the fence next to where the trailer was parked.  Farah instantly kicked the side of the trailer - scattering the herd!
Whitehorse & Three Fingers
We started out on foot, neither of us felt like getting pitched off!  We did - in the interest of keeping trails open - check out the start of one that Linda knew would probably need work - but is part of a plan to open a lower section & therefore make another loop.  Instead of riding it, we hiked it & took turns cutting our way through the downed trees.  At least until we ran out of arm strength & found a large dead-fall that will require the chain saw.
Last week, Linda & Scott got up with the chain saw & cut open several trails that had been blocked by fallen trees.  This particular one - on the way to the Monument is often used.  Of course Count had to do a double-check, just to be sure it was safe!  :-)
Title of this post :-)
We'd hoped to at least see some sun & finally - when we stopped for lunch on top - things did warm a few degrees~
Looking NW toward Antacortes
 Shortly after I took this picture & as we left, the clouds thickened.  No one else out on this day - I did keep Farah behind when Count would trot out.  She pitched a fit & found herself circled more than once.  Finally - toward the end of the ride, she mellowed.  Again - she was showing signs of her cycle - which I now know is rough this time of year.
Just after 3 p.m.
 Our ride started in the blue/grays & ended in the same.  A beautiful day for February - so mild & we did see the skunk cabbage starting to emerge from the swampy areas - of which there are many!

My best surprise though - was to come in our gate & find my husband home!  Finally - Finally - he is Out of the Ballard project & on to the next in Bellevue!

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