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Thursday, February 19, 2015

To Pilchuck Veterinary~

Open Wide~
Oh dear!  It was that time again!  Farah knew where she was the minute we pulled in, remembered the routine - to the scale - weight in.  What!  1075 lbs!  Glad those six + flakes of hay per day are doing something for her! The remarks were - "Solid muscle!"  "She's FIT!"  :-)  Music to my ears :-)  Next?  To talk Dr. Holohan out of one of the animal crackers she was eating, then spit it out!  It wasn't a real cookie!
A very good report!
 It's been just under a year since Farah's last float.  We'd had her in every few months the last couple years, to correct problems that she'd had from before we bought her.   How sweet to hear that the pocket that had taken so much work - has stayed gone!  It was interesting to see where Farah holds the bit - she's made her own place for the bit to sit.

We also did another brand inspection for our upcoming trip.  It's maddening to have paid for a very nice brand & not have it show.  Dr. Essex has told me that the branding iron wasn't hot enough.  Now it would be a major ordeal to have it re-done & to have it look decent.  I never like tossing good money after bad - so doubt I'll ever bother to have it re-done.  If you look really hard - the outline can still be seen...

Finally, Farah stayed for a while in the mare barn, while our youngest daughter & three of my favorite Grand-kids picked me up for Jentry's birthday lunch!  When we returned, Skyla & Josie wanted to feed Farah carrots & of course that was the best part of Farah's day :-)

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