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Friday, February 27, 2015


What you doin' Justin?
We managed to go six-weeks on a set of shoes!  Of course the ground is softer with all the rain & we haven't covered as many miles - so far this year - as we had the last couple.  It's pretty hard not to be getting excited by now!  With Patty's invitation to accompany her to  Joshua Tree National Park -
I've been setting out all the stuff that I think I'll need to take!

Last week we did paperwork, Health Certificate, Coggins & Brand Inspection.  This week, I'm starting to get things together for the trip!  The cinch rings have worn away some of Farah's winter coat - they have a flat, brass ring - with mohair strings, that I've used for many years.  I do think it's her winter coat that causes the problem.  I'd been using the Cashel Ring Masters, but over time the neoprene roughens up & almost feels like sandpaper.  Did some more searching & found the Sheepskin Fleece by JMS.  They arrived yesterday - seem to fit pretty well & hopefully will solve the problem.

I've been borrowing Linda's saddle for almost a year now!  Garry McClintock was hit by a fully loaded motor-home - while sitting in his truck at an intersection.  Thankfully - he's recovering from his injuries & back working in his shop.  Last time I spoke to him, our saddle was next up!   At one point on our trip - we'll only be about 150-miles from his shop - so I may call & see just how close to completion the saddle is!  :-)

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