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Monday, February 16, 2015

Quiet Ride~

On our way~
This is February?  It is - but it's more like a better than average March!  Last Thursday - I took Farah to Dr. Essex for her vaccinations.  Friday she was really under the weather.  In the past, I've ridden her the day after & watched as she put on a layer of foamy sweat.  This year, I had no time to ride - so she had a few days off.  Today, I was happy to see that the gold girl was back to her normal ornery self!  It takes longer to saddle now that the hair is coming off - in sheets under the shedding blade.
It was in the 30's this a.m. - but by mid-afternoon, chores were done, so I saddled up & headed out on our trails.  It seemed like a very long time since we'd been up there.  It was So quiet, even the frogs weren't croaking.  I didn't plan to be out long, it was so warm I just wore a t-shirt & hoodie.
On the power lines~
As we came out on the power lines, there were two deer watching us.  I'd forgotten the camera, so using my phone - I couldn't zoom in on them.   It was so warm & nice in the sun, I dismounted & let Farah graze on the fresh green grass - sprouting everywhere!
At the wetland~
I'm still getting used to no longer riding for miles :-)  Not that riding isn't always fun - but we'd been pushing pretty hard the past couple years.  Now - I don't watch the GPS & let the miles fall where they will.  It was probably at least 50 degrees when we left, the hoodie came off & ended up around my waist - but when that sun started sinking to the horizon, the temperature fell with it!

Coming home, the sky was turning turquoise & pink, an amazing end to another beautiful day~

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  1. Looks like a beautiful ride. I keep saying "This Is February?" too! We usually get a few days of this glorious weather, but now we've had it most of the month.

    Love your reflective pond. Farah almost blends in to the dry marsh grass. Lovely.


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