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Monday, February 23, 2015

Glorious Day to Ride~

At the Morgan Horse Club
We spent the weekend working at home - & what a beautiful weekend it was!  So darn beautiful - that we stopped mid-afternoon - pulled out the chairs & sat in the sun drinking root beer!  But - today, Joyce & I planned to ride & Joyce wanted to do some exploring on the west side of the tree farm.
Whitehorse & just the top of Three Fingers (with the zoom)
Joyce took us over to an area that we hadn't been on for probably close to a year - when we'd had Lynn with us.  Both of us were surprised to find rock going down everywhere & a new logging road going in here too...
No zoom - where we were~
If you can't tell already - Butch bought me a new camera for the saddle, the little Canon SX600HS that's been getting good reviews.  When I tried it out in the store I liked the stability of the zoom.  Both the Nikon's I'd been using were older cameras.  The technology both of the camera & the high speed cards have improved a lot.
Target & Joyce are both busy :-)
We trotted, we galloped - we even trotted & galloped side-by-side!  Anyone who's been out with me knows that Farah finds this difficult!  :-)  Today we were so proud of both horses!  Galloping along on a loose rein doesn't happen often when you're riding two pretty darn fit & competitive horses!
View of Victoria~
We were out for almost three-hours & it was chilly enough that we had our coats on for most of the ride.  The grass is growing though & we did stop to let the horses graze & soak up the sun!   As Joyce said so well;  "Once an Endurance Rider - always an Endurance Rider - at least at heart!"

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