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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Clean Color~

After her bath!
Today, was one of those changeable days that usually belong to spring.  Instead - again, I look at the calendar & it says February.  I went out & raked leaves, cut back tree branches & enjoyed just being outside.  Then I decided to give Farah a bath - with winter coats shedding, warm baths seem to hasten the process & at the same time, give that new coat growing in a clean start.  We give her Flax year around, for the omega's & the shiny coat.
The color of the oak leaves I've yet to pick up~
Since she's our one & only - she gets pampered & she knows it :-)  She does love her baths, kicking back & relaxing while & scrub away.  I've kept a light weight rain sheet on her most of the winter & she's done fine with it.  Mostly just to keep her clean enough to reduce grooming time when I saddle up.
Enjoying the front lawn~
Soon, we'll be starting our fifth season together - how those years have flown by!  Every time I ride this mare, I think about how lucky I was to find her.  I'm thankful that I have the years behind me of horse ownership, learning what it takes to keep a healthy, happy horse & putting that knowledge to work.  The hope is to keep her going down the trail for as long as I want to go down a trail.  As the decades pass, I find my self a bit more reflective as I grow older.  Pat & I were talking about the great horses that we've both known & having one now - at this time in my life is a great gift.

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  1. Farah is so STUNNING! Not to mention also in excellent shape too :) Wow!


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