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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

What Can You Say?

Lynn, Pat & Sharon
About such a Beautiful day?  When we're riding in 60 degree weather in February - it's almost surreal!  When I talked to Pat the other day - she was ready for a ride & Sharon was too!  Then - Lynn called & she was willing to drive up & accompany us!  The parking lot was close to full when we pulled in late morning.
Crossing Tin Bridge
Since Pat & Sharon hadn't been out for a while, we took it easy -   but the horses were feeling fresh & we ended up trotting more than we thought we would!  Over in the green valley - we stopped for lunch & the horses loved grazing on all that wonderful green grass!
Sharon & Pat
The four horses did really well, Farah as usual unhappy unless she was in the lead & of course those of you who know Sophie, know that she certainly prefers to lead the minute she thinks that we're heading back :-)
Lynn & Sophie
When back - means crossing the bridge, I had my hands full :-)  I decided to put Farah in the back & she finally settled just a bit.  On the power lines, she decided to stop to graze & watched the others leave us.  That was fine, until they went out of sight & she decided that a good buck might convince me that we needed to travel at mock 10.  About the time I was thinking of a dismount, Pat came back for us & all was well :-)

Once back at the trailers, we all stood around soaking up the sunshine, Farah about went to sleep! 
Now, the problem is - if this weather changes & goes back to our normal - rain until the fourth of July - there will be a lot of unhappy horsemen!

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