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Friday, February 20, 2015

Whitehorse Trail Update

Bridge 703~
At last nights meeting, we had both very good & some news of another delay.  First the good news!  The second & third bridge - east, toward Darrington & past Tin Bridge have both been decked!  The non-slip grating will be installed at a later date.  This makes the hearts of the many, who have worked long & hard toward the opening of this trail - so happy!
Looking so good!
This section of the trail is NOT open yet!  There is still the large hole to the east of Cloverdale, where ballast rock was removed/stolen years ago, that will need to be re-filled & other work to do first.  It's certainly a huge start down the trail of many more bridges on the 27-mile length!
Bridge 703
With the anniversary of the slide coming up soon, all of us are saddened by memories of the day that  forever changed the lives of the survivors & communities affected...  Already there are problems with people coming up, trying to park & walk around the area that is considered hallowed ground by so many.
December 2014
The engineers involved on the project want to wait a full year - to let the soils in the area move, settle, shift & do what they are going to do, before finishing the section of the trail that goes through the slide area.  Feelings have already been hurt by governmental agencies - that while trying to do the right thing - sometimes don't. Herald Article~

The plan is to do all the work to the trail both directions from the slide - so that everything will be completed by the late summer of 2016 - when this area too, is supposed to be finished.  So far, there are no plans yet - to pave the trail - but the operative word is yet!

Please consider writing letters to;

Russ Bosanko, Division Manager
Park Capital and Operations
Snohomish County Parks & Recreation
6705 Puget Park Drive, Snohomish WA  98296
425-388-6602/ FAX: 425-388-6645 

Include your name, address, where you live in relation to the trail, how you plan to use it, horseback, bike, walking, etc.  Why you would like it the surface to remain unpaved - as it currently is.  Please be sure to give a big Thank You for the work that's been done!

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