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Saturday, June 25, 2016

CHC - Cinnamon Roll Ride Weekend~

We'd planned to help out at the Cascade Horse Club annual Cinnamon Roll/Breakfast Ride.   Butch made it home Friday afternoon in just over an hour - one of his shortest commutes from Bellevue ever!  We were loaded up & pulled up to the Armstrong tree farm gate, by about 7:30.  With Summer's long days - we had plenty of time to set up our camp.
Farah picking grass out of the Buttercup~
The field by the shelter hadn't been mowed & the grass was very wet from all the rain.  Butch reminded me that years ago, when we had Competitive Trail Rides from here - George used to come in & mow it down.
Just a "reminder" :-)
 That same tall grass - made it a lot more difficult to pick up after the horses too!  All weekend, we were so impressed with our members going above & beyond to keep the area clean!  It was such a beautiful evening, everyone enjoyed the quiet.
Cinnamon Rolls!

Saturday morning, we were up early!  Butch making coffee by the pot full & plenty of Cinnamon Rolls from probably close, to every bakery in the area.  Even the Maltby Cafe was represented.  Several more rigs came pulling in early - ready to enjoy a roll & a ride on a perfect day!  Not too hot, with a nice breeze.
Ready to go enjoy the trails~
Rider's didn't waste any time saddling up - after all - we had all those calories to work off!  Farah got excited - thinking that it must be an Endurance Ride?  It didn't take her long to figure out that it was much more low key :-)  Scott came in with Rico, so the two of us headed out for a ride.  Farah thinks Rico is handsome, the two of them got on well & Rico has such a nice walk!
Farah & Connie, Scott & Rico
 We went out the long way, I told Scott that there was an obstacle that he might want to try :-)
Scott & Rico at Tin Bridge
Rico didn't think he needed to be the first horse, as Farah walked past him & headed across.   We stopped to let the horses graze at Cloverdale.  Returning, Rico lead the way without a pause in his stride.
Our return, Farah sees Butch~
In the afternoon, we all sat around swapping stories, talking horses & snacking.  With a pot-luck dinner planned for the evening - no one was interested in much for lunch.  By mid-afternoon, I was ready to saddle up, along with several other riders.
We watch & get some dirty looks from the mares :-)
 I thought about riding out with these ladies, but all were mounted on mares who are pastured together.  It became obvious in short order that a nice ride would be pretty much impossible if we added Farah to the mix.
Away we go~
At least - leaving from the middle of the tree farm gave us the opportunity to ride some trails that I usually don't when we're making a loop from the Bracken parking.  As we turned north - the sound of gunfire got louder & I decided that I didn't want to risk a stray bullet - by riding any closer to where homes abut the tree farm property.
Reed Canary Grass - yum!
For whatever reason, Farah was higher than a kite.  Of course it was close to her usual dinner time & the gunfire put me on edge, so we stopped for a while for her to graze before heading back.  I was really enjoying the long rays of sun - so late in the afternoon.
On the trail~
By the time we returned, ovens were on & the smell of food filled the air!  
Dinner is served!
 To say that we had plenty to eat would be a terrible understatement!  The camaraderie of this group is really first rate!  Everyone enjoyed meeting new members & getting re-acquainted with others.  We ended the evening sitting around a small portable fire-pit.

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