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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Darrington Equestrian Trails - Forward Motion!

Along the Whitehorse
Thursday night - we made the drive up to Darrington for a meeting at the Rodeo Grounds.  This meeting was to discuss what trails we've managed to get on a Map!  Several people have contributed to this effort, but a lot more work needs to be done.  Rumors of old trails - are exciting - but whether they still exist is always the question - until we can find people who know where they are & get them ridden & marked by GPS.
Another proposed trail~
Martha - the one woman force for Darrington Strong & other local Equestrians are determined to make Darrington a destination not only for mountain bikers, but for Equestrians too.  With so many entities owning the land - finding trails that can be improved - along with places large enough to accommodate trail-head parking for trailers - is an incredible challenge.
North Mountain, being so accessible from town & even eventually from Whitehorse Park, is at the top of the list.  Glen Grover of DNR has offered to  guide us - in a grass roots effort to delineate the most probable trails - on DNR property.  Other trails - go - or could go through National Forest land.   The ideal of course, are large loop trails, preferably through scenic areas, or with nice views.  A spot for lunch breaks always makes a day ride more pleasant too.

With the support of the DNR, Snohomish County Parks & the local Forest Service Representatives - things are looking very promising for Equestrian Trails in the Darrington area!  New Equestrian Trails?  Wouldn't that be grand?

On a personal note~

The other day, I had a discussion with riders who explained to me that they "write checks" in support of trails.  What they & many Equestrians don't realize is that it's a numbers game.  We need the numbers of volunteers that go out & work on BCH trail-clearing days, names on the sign-in sheet - volunteer hours - that then go to BCHA.  It's those hours that we exchange for the grant dollars that are used to keep existing trails open, repair damaged trails, or even build new ones!  Participation is required - signing those cards at trail-heads, staying involved in local trail issues, attending meetings, doing what you can to have your voice heard.

When I was working, we wrote checks & were members of the local BCH Chapters.  We even did some trail clearing - Competitive Trail was popular in those days & we liked to ride!  But the question keeps coming up...  Who clears the trails if You don't?  A group of volunteers, most of us in our 50's, 60's & 70's who have done it for years & years?  Yes - that's who.

Writing a check is an easy out.  If you know someone you can pay to clear trail for you - then by all means - hire them!  Otherwise - maybe it's time to think about the trails you enjoy & put in the time to maintain them.

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  1. On another 'personal note' I think, no it is rude to criticize those who donate money to different organizations. It isn't an 'easy out', its our hard earned money being put to where we think it should go. People don't attack you for not donating enough money do they??? Didn't think so.


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