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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Out From Home~

I use the above title for a tag, but I guess I've never used it for a post.  If I'd had more common sense - I would have broken my routine & left earlier this morning.  The high clouds kept the morning nice & cool.  Instead - it was after lunch & warming up.
Time to hay~
Going through Pat's, I got a peek at the the new little guy - it was his lunch time too - so just a glimpse.  I'll have to to go back for a formal introduction & to get some photos of my own :-)  It's been a long time since there's been a new foal at Pat's.
Connector Trail~
Once we were through the final yard & onto our little trail that connects to the main trails above, it was obvious that Summer is here & the usual early July weed-whacking needs to be done.  I cut the worst of the long blackberry runners that were in our faces.
Beginning of the end~
Getting out the end was difficult - the bulldozer had broken down the small Alder & left the raw ends sticking up over 2 ft. tall.  Others were laying across the trail.  Farah did a great job of picking her way through without getting stabbed.
All the Alder that had almost closed the "trail" are bulldozed now~
At least they'll be no more of us having to saw & prune the Alder through here...
To the pretty trails~
It was a relief to cross the creek & get past the outflow of the wetland & up onto the wooded trails.  So much cooler up here too.
North on the Power Lines~
All the mowing that had been done earlier this spring, really did a number on the Salmonberries.  They were cut so low that it gave the grasses a chance to grow.
The patch of Fireweed that I enjoy so much - survived, it's up on a little hill - away from the lines & near what's left of a good sized patch of woods.
Trail down to the creek~
I didn't have time to go out  farther - though we both wanted to.  Farah was being so very good, moving very nice too - after the ordeal of getting her toes shortened.  (More on that later.)
Mossy Woods~
We looped through the mossy woods, I love the moss hanging from the branches.  A remnant of how this whole area used to look.
The big wetland looked great, water still flowing across the road.  The daisies were blooming everywhere & looked so pretty with the white Foxglove.
At the top of the hill home~
Farah could hear the neighbor's tractor.  I usually walk her down the steep hill & decided to today.  From cut grass to bales of grass hay!  This is one of the nicest fields in our area.
 As we were walking by, one of the bales fell over & Farah jumped 10-feet into the air & almost took me out.  Another reason that I usually wear my helmet even when I'm on foot on paving.  There was the time...  A story for another day.

Depending on what happens between my access trail & the top - will be the deciding factor as to whether I'll be able to continue to ride on the trails I've used for twenty-five years now.  Most are gone - but just to be able to reach the power lines & go a little from there has been so good - for so long...

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