Ain't nuthin like ridin' a fine horse in a new country - Augustus McCrae – Lonesome Dove

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Part III - Sunset Ride~

After the kids left for home, Butch asked me if I was going to ride?  Well, yes!  Our final evening & a sunset - how could I not?  We left the dogs in camp - Butch wanted to get photos & it's easier if he's not wrangling them.
On the crest~
Butch followed us up the trail & is responsible for all the wonderful photos & video's that I am so thankful to have.  Without the photos - there would be no stories...
Listening for Butch~
There' something special about cresting this hill to see the roll of the Pacific to the horizon - at sunset...  Such a impact on your soul - an experience that sticks with you forever.  I always feel closer to Farah too - she gives me such joy & continues to motivate me to get out & ride!
Heading down the dune~
Butch caught up with us as we headed down to the beach.  Every rider in camp was out enjoying the incredible evening.
Which way?
Looking north, there were riders!  Looking south - more riders!  Hoof prints both directions :-)  I headed south - thinking that the tide was still coming, but knew I could catch up with the group riding there.  We were so lucky - the tide was on it's way out & we had a beautiful width of nice wet sand.
Riding into sunset~
Soon, we were riding with Janelle & her friends.  All of us so in the moment - the colors so rich & stunning - the sound of the waves - the dull sound of the horses hoof-beats in the sand - heaven on earth.
My mare blends into the sand in this light - in a surreal way.  It almost felt like we were part of a landscape where time stands still~
As the sun sets & darkness falls~
Butch's photos captured the moment~
Between Farah's ears~
All too soon - the sun disappeared behind the clouds on the horizon.  Butch, taking a last picture, was framed directly between Farah's ears :-)  The man of my life - viewed from my favorite seat in Farah's saddle~


Always Welcome~