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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Part II - Family Time!

We were still kicked back enjoying the sun, when the grand-kids arrived!  Their parents too :-)  Of course loving all animals - the girls wanted to pet Nika.  Nika, being true to her breed, is not a fan of new people, let alone new kids! 
Papa, Skyla & Josie with Nika~
But Rascal!  Beagle's love people & it's said that they never meet people they don't like - especially kids!  After all, kids usually have food:-)
Skyla & Rascal~
The hot pink & camo Carhart outfit was our gift to Skyla for her fifth birthday!  She looked So cute in it!  With blankets, snacks & drinks, we headed down to the beach.  Papa had brought buckets & shovels for the girls.
On the beach~
The pile of driftwood drew Josie's attention first, she had to go check that out.  Soon, the buckets were put to use & a contest of who could fill there's first - had the sand flying.  Nika by now, was warming up to the girls, after all they liked digging :-)
Skyla, Josie & Papa
Ben brought his bike, but soon found that riding it on the sand was challenging & covered the chain with sand!  He's so good with his two little sisters - their adored older brother.
Skyla with Ben~
We trekked back from the beach & decided to check out the boat launch.  When Farah saw us all leaving again without her - she let me know that she wanted to come along!
At the launch~

Skyla & Josie~
On the way back to our camp, Skyla mentioned again that she wanted to ride Farah.  I was hesitant, since Farah has never shown any particular interest in kids.  She'd had a good ride though & never mellow - she was at least relaxed.  We saddled her up & with Papa on the lead, away they went!
Skyla riding my mare!
I was flat out amazed at Skyla!  She had absolutely no fear & was totally relaxed in the saddle.  She did figure out that she could fit both hands on the wrapped leather latigo between the bucking rolls :-)
Cruising Camp~
I guess it's not too late - I can't give up hope yet - that at least one of our three Granddaughters will be the horsewoman of the next generation.  It just might be Skyla.  This was her second ride on Farah, her first all by herself.  We tried to convince Josie that a ride would be fun, but she wanted none of it!  Maybe in another year or two :-)  I do have to say that it did my heart good to see this view!
Mixing Farah's dinner
The girls were more than interested in helping Papa mix up Farah's dinner!  A little of this & a little of that - with soaked beet pulp.  As they finished the pan off - Butch asked Josie if it looked "good"?  Her reply was a definitive "NO!"
Farah has her dinner~
 We barbecued brats for dinner, had a couple yummy salads & fruit pops for dessert :-)  The time went all too fast.  Every time we looked, Skyla was over petting Farah.
Farah with Skyla~
Farah had the softest look to her that I've ever seen...  She allowed Skyla to pet her face, which she normally doesn't like & never made a bad move.  Of course the girls gave her lots & lots of carrots :-)  Skyla did just great keeping her hand flat & laughing when Farah's lips - lipped her hand.  Josie dropped several - but did a really good job of keeping her hand where it needed to be.

We miss these guys...  but they're thriving & enjoying life in Astoria.  Skyla will start kindergarten in the fall!  So much fun every time we're with them - we're already looking forward to our upcoming camping trip!

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  1. We all had fun. Skyla is asking to go to your house, she wants to spend the night with Ben.


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