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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Gettin' It Done!

Tools of the Trade~
National Trails Day!  A super sunshine morning to meet up at the Pilchuck Glass School parking for our work party!  A combination of Trailduster's & Cascade Horse Club members, along with neighbors & a couple representatives from a local bike club.
Where do we go from here?
As Linda has mentioned often, the hardest part of the job is organizing all the volunteers & sending then out to the various trails!  We ended up with a good group - probably close to 20 people & several that knew the trails well enough to head out & attack the trail of their choice!
Discussing the sign-in sheets~
We had to sign hold-harmless releases for the tree farm, then sign in to our respective BCH Chapters.  Paperwork out of the way - it wasn't long before we'd dispersed!  Butch & I had planned to work on one of the trails that leaves the Monument.  Heavily overgrown & tree branches in your face when you're riding.
Butch on the trail~
 With Butch using the weed-whacker ahead, I took my pruners & started in on the trees.  What a job!  I cut each & every one way back to the truck of the tree!  I'd get one done, turn back to look - & see everything I'd missed!  With the branches removed - it gives the blackberry vines one less thing to climb.  Where I could I walked back in & cut the blackberry at it's base - which might slow it down for a week or two :-)
Looking back at my work~
I don't know how far I got - not far enough - not out of the trees, but to where I stopped - this trail will not have to have limbs cut for a long while!  We headed back to the parking area after noon. 

There were a few horse trailers in the parking lot, several riders I knew rode back in.  I know all too many people who ride here frequently - who have never - to my knowledge attended a work party...  I personally would have a hard time justifying my use of this private land - without volunteering at least one day a year to maintain the trails - but that's just me.
On the door of the BCH Trailer~
Lunch was set out & boy did it look good!  Another big thank you - to the ladies who provided the wonderful food.  Homemade potato salad, baked beans, hot dogs, chips, mellons etc.  The ice cream treats - really hit the spot!

I loved the bandana on the inside of the door to the BCH Tool Trailer :-)  Really a Super day's work for a super crew of people, none too busy to volunteer their time to keep our trails open!

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