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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

On the Way~

Grandson Ben's Dad dropped him off Tue. evening to spend the night.  Ben was traveling with us as far as Astoria, where his Mom would pick him up.  He'd have a few days to visit his family, before returning north with us.  He'd brought his BMX bike, it found a place on the front of the truck!
Making the turn onto I-405
 We met up as usual, with some of our group at Clearview.  A little late leaving - it was after 9:30 by the time we were on the road & turning south.  Once on I-5 - traffic was moving & we were catching up with our friends who'd taken the express toll lanes.
Across the Columbia~!
 By 12:30 - we were on the bridge, going over the Columbia & entering Oregon!  The usual plan is for everyone to meet-up at the Astoria Safeway for last minute supplies.  Ben & Papa got the bike off the truck & Ben stretched his legs - after having to share the backseat with Nika & Rascal :-)
Ben & his bike!
 We were actually first in the long line of rigs that were soon taking all of the parking along the side of Safeway's big lot.
Are we a caravan or what?  :-)
 Deciding to get something to eat on the road, we came out to find two really cute pixie's waiting for us!  Papa recognized them as our two youngest granddaughters!
Papa with Skyla & Josie!
 Josie, her mother tells us - is a fashion diva - always in a dress & always looking for the appropriate accessories for her outfit!  Skyla - on the other hand, loves pretty dresses too - but is also more of a tom-boy :-)
Josie, Grammy & Skyla
 I had to get my photo taken with these two little beauties too :-)
On the fender of the horse trailer :-(
 Skyla wanted up to see Farah, next Butch lifted Josie up - but obviously - that was the wrong thing to do!  Ms. Josie wanted nothing to do with being on the fender, or being so close to Farah!  Papa made amends & we ended the too short visit with kisses & smiles all around!
Setting up camp~
 It was just 3 p.m. when we pulled into the park!  Sunshine & a light breeze - just perfect!  Over the last few years, we've had really good weather all in all.  Sometimes cold, maybe a Lot of wind, even both one year - but never rain... 
Farah under her new cover~
 After looking at the long-range forecast - Janelle recommended that we purchase covers.  Costco got in a shipment just in time & we bought them out!  Really easy to put up & the 13x13 size fit perfectly inside the corral.
I'd put dinner in the oven when we arrived - our camp was set up & soon it was time for our evening pot luck!  Time to sit, eat & catch up with our friends, some of whom we only see once a year!  We're here!

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  1. The girls loved to see you and pick up brother ! good thing Papa didn't rear end anyone or Ben would have freaked, ha ha


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