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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Russell Beatty Clinic~

Last week we met Scott & Karen - newest members of our Back Country Horseman, Cascade Horse Club Chapter.  They mentioned that they were hosting a clinic with Russell Beatty.  Russell was one of the trainers that participated in the Colt Starting Challenge at ButlerHill Equestrian in Burlington.  With our little incident last week - where I unhappily hit the dirt - I thought the timing was right for a refresher course.
Clinic Flyer
The first day I audited, impressed with what I saw.  Russell was so quiet & low key in his manner - I felt totally at ease.  He takes the time that each horse may need to work through whatever issues crop up.  The facility itself was first rate & I felt very welcome.
Farah with Russell
 Tuesday, Farah came with me!  In the morning - everyone worked in-hand.  I turned Farah over to Russell & it wasn't long before our weak spots were revealed.  Farah was very reactive.  I didn't take video of the morning session, but by afternoon - she was much better!

The zig-zag obstacle was Great!  We're going to set one of these up at home.  What a super tool for teaching a horse to move the parts of their body.  Farah has done this type of thing before over the years, but it was obvious that we don't do enough.
 Russel rode her in the afternoon, she had so much difficulty moving her rear, but once she understood what was expected - her attitude changed.  By the time the other horses had their turns, Russell again took her through backing up.  She did a beautiful job & was so relaxed it was a pleasure to watch her as she thought her way through.  As they finished the obstacle, everyone applauded & Farah looked so pleased :-)
Farah & Russell
We were told more than once, that when working with our horses, to take all the time that they need, to never try to rush & keep low key, relaxed & reasonable.
By the end of the day, rather than the usual;  I'm done & I want out-of-here!  Farah has exhibited at past clinics, she was totally relaxed, calm & really seemed to have enjoyed the day.  I know I did!


  1. I've heard recent wonderful things about this clinician. Great to read yet another report. How cool.

    1. Russell prefers smaller groups too - nice for everyone.


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