Ain't nuthin like ridin' a fine horse in a new country - Augustus McCrae – Lonesome Dove

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Not If... When~

When I arrived at the Victoria parking about noon - it was full!  Just enough space for me to pull in between to other trailers.  Several riders were there I knew - Charlotte was kind enough to come over & say; "hi".  Overcast - with big thunderheads rolling by overhead - I put my jacket on the back of the saddle.
Foxglove & daisy's
We were only a mile out when Farah stopped - I couldn't see a thing & she moved on without urging.  Shortly after that, two deer appeared then disappeared into the woods.  We were staying on the roads, I wanted to move out & was short on time, with a Centennial Trail meeting at 5:30 in Snohomish.

About to reach the bottom of Fast Trail - without any warning - I was thrown!  Farah had suddenly gone into a violent spin & nothing was keeping me topside!  I'd grabbed mane - which allowed me to stay on her side until the edge of the road came up - which is where I hit - hard!  First my lower back, then my left shoulder & finally - the side of my head with a dull thud!  Farah ripped the last of the rein from my hand & took off at a trot back the way we'd come.

Realizing that nothing was broken, just blood dripping from a gouge in my hand - I crawled to my feet & called her name.  She stopped & waited for me to come up.  Once I had her - I was Furious!  She knew it - as I yelled & screamed at her - she took it with a look of stoic intensity.  I called Butch - told him I was in one piece & that HIS horse was in Big trouble!
Gee Mom...
I'd remounted & gone a short way when I realized I'd lost my sunglasses.  Dismounting - I started back down the road kicking at the low growing weeds trying to find them - when suddenly Farah blew herself up & stared at the woods!  In the next instant I heard a distinctive, loud but low huffing!  Branches breaking - the unmistakable sound of a large bear coming our way!  OK!  Forget the glasses!  I mounted fast & we booked it out of there!  Our last visit from the Bear cubs~
Mt. Baldy with rain moving in~
Once through Fast Trail - now almost totally overgrown, we galloped to the top of the mountain - a few raindrops falling by now.
Stunningly beautiful~
By the time we came out at the Monument - the sun appeared.
Olympics & Sound
I was still pretty shook, sitting down to eat my grapes, a bike rider appeared.  Holly asked me;  "What happened to you?"  I looked at her?  How did she know anything had "happened"?  She said;  "You're back is covered with dirt!"  Oh!  I told her my story - it was nice to have her company.
On our way down~
Starting back, the sun-breaks would come & go.  I missed my sunglasses - my favorite pair :-(
Mt. Baldy again~
There's something about the way the storms hug the Cascades through here - that I always find somewhat mesmerizing...
Sun & showers
Ever changing - fascinating - a landscape that I could watch for hours on end.  We got back to the trail-head in one piece.  As usual, ours was the last trailer in the lot.
Our ride home~
Dismounting - the stiffness hit...
My helmet - not quite "fine" but OK!
Just a scuff mark...
Back of my vest~
I had to rush to get ready for the meeting, Butch drove us to Russ's office at Willis Tucker.   We had our usual full agenda, but Duane didn't make the meeting - as representative for the tree farms - the largest of our adjoining landowners.  After hearing my story - everyone agreed that it was a shame he wasn't present - since he needs to be reminded to keep his Bears under better control!  :-)
Where Mr. Bear found us~
A good ride is one where you can ride &/or walk away - I do think my helmet helped with that!


  1. Praise the Lord!!!! So thankful girl you are okay,, to again another day!!!

  2. As my Dad used to say,
    "Never been a horse that couldn't be rode,
    Never been a cowboy that couldn't be throwed."
    Another one of his old gems, when someone boasted that they hadn't ever unexpectedly hit the ground, was
    "If you ain't been off yet, you just ain't been riding long enough."

    Glad you & Farrah are fine certainly, with a bear in the bush, it could've turned out much worse.

  3. Thank you both! Love both quotes :-)

  4. you should get a spot gps tracker. They will be used at Tevis this year. Runs of Satellites not cell towers. You can use them to send a message to family or get emergency help. Loved ones can watch you travel down the trail in real time.


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