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Thursday, March 8, 2012

"Hill of Death"~

HOD, zig-zag on the right~
Our local test of fitness for our horses heading to the first endurance ride of the new season - Home On The Range - is how well they can trot up a four-mile climb that we named appropriately, the "Hill of Death".  It's a tough, tough climb - heart rates go up & stay up - all the way to the top.  Once you're up there though - the view is always well worth the trip.
Khari admires the view in a borrowed headstall :-)
I feel so lucky to have managed some really nice rides this last week, in spite of jack-knifing my truck/trailer in my own gate...  (Thanks to a neighbor, we managed to get me unstuck.)   Since I'd planned extra time, still on schedule, I drove over to the farm - pulled Farah from her stall &  grabbed what I thought - was her headstall.  Arriving at Kathryn Taylor, it became obvious when I started to try to put the bridle on Farah -  that it wasn't hers!  As a matter of fact... it was Thoroughbred size!  That made for some interesting re-working with some thick string :-)  

Early Thursday morning - Khari & I head up north to ride with Fish Creek Team members & a Pirate...  Opening the tack room door on my trailer - I realized that I'd forgotten Khari's headstall!    OK, do I ride her in a halter?  Not easy with a group of competitive horses!  To my rescue is Aarene of Haiku Farm fame!  She produces a a nice halter/bridle combo with bit - that sported Calvary brass!
Finally - today - I meet Charlotte up at the Glass School for a couple loops, one slower paced with a friend conditioning a youngster, then a second faster paced loop.  We return to the trailers to find that we'd been tagged!  Of course we have NO Idea WHO the offender could be - but...  we both think that the fact we did see Aarene getting ready to leave might be somewhat suspicious?


  1. LOVE the tape! Glad you got some fun rides in the sun (or at least the not-rain, that's almost as good as real sun, right?)

  2. Very true! Then just admire your bright blue sunshine shots!

  3. Hi Connie - Sounds like you are riding up a storm! Good for you. We will see you at Home on the Range - but I am only going to do the 15 mile trail ride with my 4 year old. I can hardly wait to see you and Khari and visit - it will be just like old times.

    As for jack-knifing your truck and trailer, a few years back I took the corner of the roof off my friend's house because apparently my trailer is taller than hers! Mark to the rescue - he had to fix their roof.


  4. OH Liz! :-) Appreciate that I'm not the only one who makes those "mistakes" :-)
    Can't wait to see you too! It's been way too long!

  5. Ooh, are we playing "hilariously dumb automobile mistakes"? Here's mine: about five years ago I shot out one of the back windows of my little truck with an arrow. It hit the frame or it would've shot out the windshield too. Pro tip: Just because you can sling a 70 lb bale of hay around does NOT mean you can draw a 60 lb bow.

  6. Laughing... HARD!!! Have the mental picture & it's Way FUNNY!

  7. Heh heh heh. Tag, you're it.

    And I've seen the photo of the truck that Funder shot. I can't remember doing anything that dumb. I'm sure I HAVE, but have conveniently forgotten...


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