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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sounds of Melting~

From yesterday afternoon's clearing, sunshine - we woke to a world of white.  Another three inches of very wet snow accumulated overnight.  I do have to say that by now...  I'm ready for some warmer weather & maybe the color of a few flowers? 
Lenten Rose
As the day progresses, the sun appears again, things start warming up & the snow is melting!  I head up into the woods to see if how the hellebore's are doing...  to find that yes!  They've finally bloomed!


  1. My daffodils are trying to come out, but the weather just hasn't been helpful! I want some pretty flowers too! :)

  2. Wow, you have flowers blooming now? I've never heard of the Hellebore before, why does it bloom in Winter?

  3. I fixed the link below the photo. They've only become "popular" here in the last ten years - I found them about that long ago at Molbacks Nursery in Woodinville. It took me several years to find a spot where they would live & have three varieties started. They do great in pots in the winter too!


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