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Monday, March 12, 2012

Way Back When...

Jasrada 11-yrs. old
It was the 19th of March - 1999.  There was SUN, warmth, a breeze & blue skies!  What a change from our weather in March the last few years!  The Cottage hadn't received a coat of stain yet, the area by the pond was still full of reed canary grass - I didn't realize that it was an "invasive" & needed to Go!  I'd been working for nine years on the woods & it would be another year before we had our official "Walk In The Woods" summer party!

I'd written up game sheets that listed all the statuary that I had in the woods at that time.  The goal of the game - was to find it all!  Will never forget Jennifer L & our oldest daughter's father-in-law Don, spending most of the day up there in a battle to find the last item!  (I should have set a time limit!)  It was Jennifer who eventually Won!  :-)  As a redhead - those who know her, know how tenacious she can be!  :-)

99 is as far back as my digital image library goes.  I still remember how excited I was with my first digital camera!  Instant Gratification!  Below is my first digital photo~  It ended up being one of the best dog in the world.
Kittaka - 2-yrs. old, on Cedar Lane
 Can you tell it's raining?  Pouring?  I'm baking cookies, cleaning house & reminiscing :-)

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