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Thursday, March 1, 2012

First T-Shirt Quilt ~

First 1,000 miles
Here's my first quilt, using ride shirts, Arabian horse shirts, team shirts & a couple photo shirts that we had made.  Shirts from the charity ride that used to be held down in the Capitol Forest for American Diabetes Association & a shirt from our local Centennial Trail . There's one ride - (the red block) that only happened once, Kahneeta Oct. of 1999.  There, I rode a horse named "Rosebud" - who definitely did Not fit his name!  It was the perfect example of the AERC's motto;  "To Finish is To Win" as we did finish the 50 in a three-way tie for last place, with Charlene & Marie :-)  We had a ball!  
Charleen on Booker, Marie on Sir Prize, Connie on Rosebud
I was riding for the Fish Creek Team - who - with that last ride earned enough points to be #1 for the year!  Another, "Fire Mountain" that same year, was only held once or twice.  Rides that I didn't have shirts for - I didn't think to have made up - but will do that if I make another.

2002 Ride logo For Home On The Range
The above photo shows the stippling that I had done to each block after the quilt was pieced.  It needed the extra reinforcement.  The blocks weren't placed in any kind of order - this time I they will be.  Didn't add any dates or placements - the new quilt will have some of those too.  The overall size of four blocks across & five deep worked out great for our queen sized bed.  The strips are 2-1/2" & the borders total 16" all around.  Blocks are 12" square.


  1. This is a brilliant idea. I have lots of shirts that I never wear, but I would totally use them if they were a QUILT. How personal and creative and just generally great!

  2. Wish I could take credit for it! More work ahead to get it ready - but my cousin Jackie has found a lady in WY who does a beautiful job of putting them together. I'm on her waiting list!

  3. Lovely!

    I think one day when I finally have enough shirts to make a quilt, I might cut them totally up and do a log cabin or something. You couldn't see the ride logos at a glance, but I think it'd be fun to look at it and go "oh look there's a bit of a Tevis volunteer shirt!" and "oooh is that High Desert?"

    1. That would make a really colorful quilt! I take it you sew better than I do! :-)


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