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Friday, March 16, 2012

We have a Sunshine Ride~!

Khari waits - Redmond Watershed
At home, the wind was blowing - it was raining... but after talking to Amanda we decided to just "buck-up" & ride!  Heading for Redmond it was rain, wind then a sun break in DuvallI parked at the Watershed wondering where everyone was until my phone rang & I found out that I'd misunderstood riding there with "parking" there!  Put Khari back in the trailer & we were only a few minutes late getting to Kathryn Taylor where the sun was out!
Beth on Kate, Amanda & Cato
 My GPS was on the fritz - wouldn't stay on...  so I'm hoping it's only that it didn't take a charge.  We trusted Amanda & she didn't let us down!  We had just a fantastic ride going here, there & everywhere!  We rode for almost four hours & covered probably close to 20-miles.  It was so beautiful out, the air smelled so fresh & we found blooming daffodils - a sure sign that Spring is just around the corner!  

Khari has decided that she likes Beth's mare Kate - but Not behind her :-)  Really nice day to enjoy a really nice ride!

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  1. Wow, that doesn't even look like Washington in the winter at all! Very dry :)

    Love the grey ears.


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