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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Riding the SVT ~

Our route on the SVT
I was leaving home with Khari by 9 a.m. - the day was was overcast & didn't look promising...  Where was the sunshine that the weatherman had been talking about all week?  By the time I was in Snohomish - the rain started.  Driving into Monroe the rain became a downpour.  I decided to call Katie & Dean, figuring they were behind me & doubting that we'd get in a ride.  Surprise!  They didn't pick up the third rider, so had arrived at the trailer parking in Duvall & it was dry!  OK, I'm "game"...  if we leave & it's not raining that works!  I decided to wear my rain jacket anyway!   (The usual unspoken rule - if you take it or wear it, it won't rain!)
Khari watching a dog on the bridge~
 Katie & Dean set a really nice 10 mph pace.  We cruised right along, only slowing down for people on the trail - all of who were very friendly.  Our plan was for a 20-mile ride, by the time we arrived at the Snoqualmie river, we were just under ten.  The horses had a drink & grabbed some fresh grass & we turned back. 
Dean at the river~
Again - the pace was fast & steady, Khari as usual bringing up the rear for most of the way.  We arrived back at the trailers with a 2 hr. 24 min. ride time.

I called our daughter who lives in Duvall - she was home, so I stopped by for a hot cup of tea before heading home.  Granddaughter Cassidy took carrots out for Khari!  
Great ride, great day~


  1. Sounds like another good ride! We actually SAW the Sun today in Castle Rock.

    1. Lucky you! :-) We're back to wind/rain today.


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