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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Riding in the Sunshine!

Connie & Farah, Charlotte & Aliento

Connie & Farah, Amanda & Cato
 I've had a couple fine days of riding in the sunshine!  On Friday I met up with Charlotte & Amanda for Amanda's first visit to the Monument.  That's always a pretty special thing - taking someone who's never "been" there to see that stunning view.  Cato dug in & did the hills like a champ!  We were all having a grand time admiring the stunning views of the mountains with the most snow cover we've seen in years.  I rode Farah & that was a challenge.  She is very unhappy with having to be stalled, but the scratches are still there, swelling & heat are gone - so we seen to be on the correct treatment protocol.  She pranced, she bucked, she galloped & finally she settled down & behaved!  Here's the link to the stats from that ride;  Victoria Loop by hhmstead at Garmin Connect - Details

Today, Amanda & I met-up at Bridal Trails State Park in Bellevue.  It had been at least twenty-years since I'd ridden there when Butch was building the Redhook Brewery in Woodinville.  At that time we rode from the Brewery to Marymore Park in Redmond, then over the freeway on a very scary concrete overpass/bridge, through a neighborhood & finally to Bridal Trails!  It was a feat!
Bridle Trails Route
Amanda suggested taking me as close to around the perimeter as we could go & that was really fun.  We saw some amazing small horse farms & really incredible homes.  The trails were well groomed except for a few downed trees.  We rode ten-miles & enjoyed every minute.  Khari was well behaved - except for a squeal at Cato for getting too "fresh" :-)  
Beautifully managed small horse farm

 We even took the time to work the horses at a obstacle course that is adjacent to the main park of the park!  How cool was that?  Khari did NOT like the "noodles" but eventually went through with a rush!  

We met a man riding his huge Shire!  17'3 H!   Do you believe six flakes of hay a day?!  Just a perfect day to be OUT!


  1. And you call MY mare huge--she's 8 inches shorter than the Shire! >g<

    I'm jealous of your ride, but got lots of sunshine time today, so it's okay.

    See you at HOTR!

    1. Cato is 16.3H & Amanda was looking up :-)
      Sure hope the pass stays clear!

  2. Poor, poor Farah. Why didn't you let her gallop wildly to the top of the hill?!

    Urgh. I feed 5 flakes a day to my petite lil mare and her stupid goat.

  3. Exactly! :-) Wow Funder! See! You too could have a Shire! :-)

  4. Thanks for the link to the hoof split video- gives me a little hope!

    And, I'm not even going to mention how many flakes little darlings eat every day. Yikes.

  5. oops, that last comment was me CG from Wren Loop TBs.

  6. Glad that the link worked, thought that was a really nice video of the time-line & work for the repair. Have a friend who sells Renegades & may have some old ones - do you have any idea of Pinky's size?

  7. Hooray for sunshine. I could look at your ride photos all day every day... except I'd get really jealous.

  8. Don't know why - as yours are at least as "Sunny" as mine! :-)

  9. i used to love riding there but inevitably you trot right into other trail users. i was greeted by a coyote on one trail, quite close, we just stared at each other a long time. aren't those tiny farms cute? i wonder how they remove their manure. i hope to ride there again someday.


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