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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Riding & Farah's Scratches~

15-mi. Route at Kathryn Taylor Park
We've still been battling scratches on Farah's high white hind sock.  After months of keeping her stalled & dry - she would have a "relapse".   I'd called Diane & asked her if she had any ideas...  She did!  Penaten baby cream.  With a quick search, I found it at Amazon.com & ordered two tins.  Monday it was in the mail, so Butch & I headed over to the farm.  I washed down Farah's leg with Castile soap, rinsed, then dried & dried & dried.  Next - applied the cream & wrapped the leg with cotton & a bandage.  By the next morning - the leg looked the best it has in months!  

Since Ms. Farah was going nutty with her short daily rides on the farm - I loaded her in the trailer & we headed to Redmond to meet up with our new Saddle-Up friends!  Such a perfect day, hazy sunshine, warm breeze.   Farah decided to become her own worst enemy...  fighting the bit, trying to gallop, refusing to "listen" to me, making my life miserable.  I was hoping that the six-mile mark would bring a return of her brain...  but no... this time it took ten-miles!   Three riders headed back to the trailers, but Amanda & I decided to add a few miles.  Once the other horses were gone - Farah settled in, started paying attention, giving to the bit, collecting & moving out the way only she can. 

Once we were back at the trailers, I stripped her saddle & looked for a place she could roll.  Found a nice grassy area - but - faster than I could move her - she found the only clay - muddy spot & dropped into it, grinding her withers back/forth - having a horsy good time!  That set her up for a badly needed bath back at the farm.  Keep your fingers crossed that the improvement to her leg continues!  

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