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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ridin~ ?

Gate bent & open~
Funny how fate can be.  It doesn't take much to send the best laid plans askew.  Monday I was busy all day, packing, cooking, cleaning, the usual.  Late in the afternoon as I was walking down from the barn, I managed to bend my right ankle stepping on a rock.  The next step it hurt for a minute, but then was fine.  In the middle of the night, I woke up suddenly & felt the pain of what seemed to be a sprain!  No!  Thinking positive, just thought I'd twisted it in my sleep.  

Yesterday morning with my first few steps - I knew that it was a sprain - no doubt.  Walking hurt.  I drove up to my friend Joyce's to pick up Khari's heavier blanket that had needed repair.  When Joyce saw me "hobbling" - at least a "Grade I" lame - she knew I was mad!  :-)  She gave me some pain relieving patches that stick.  I plan to use them!

I wanted to get Khari out, the weather was much nicer than what the weather forecast had been predicting, so saddled up & away we went.  Once my foot was in the stirrup, the pain really wasn't all that bad.  We did a couple nice sets of trotting & cantering, again going over to the trails that had been closed off.  Once home, I knew right away that I hadn't done the ankle any "good". 

Now I'm doubling my dose of HA, staying "off" the foot today & using Butch's cane, which he says he will inscribe with the word "cripple" in my honor!  :-)  I've ridden with a broken wrist & other injuries over the years, so hope with a few days off - things will be tolerable.  Question is now - who will I find to trot out the mare? 


  1. Oh no, I hope your ankle heals up right away.

    Cold hosing, Absorbine standing wraps, bute,and stall rest worked for Taj!

    (Just kidding, although I probably wouldn't advocate trying the bute anyway:)

    Will send healing thoughts northward, K.

    1. I've been thinking about going up to get the "Cold Ice" stuff! Will soak it in cold water too! Thanks!

  2. Oooh, poor thing! You should remind Butch that canes are also good for tripping/poking men who make fun of their temporarily lame wives. ;)

  3. ME! I'll trot her (urrr, if I'm in camp)...

  4. Aren't you riding the 50 too - Captain?


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