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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Is it Snowing yet?

View from the top~
Today it sure feels cold enough for the snow level to drop down to us!  The wind has a bitter edge to it & at one point we had sunshine, rain pelting down sideways & the wind that was driving it!   Farah always wants OUT!  Full of energy & with spring in the air besides, yearlings on the run, Eagles mating in the huge Cottonwood on Dean's farm - it's all pretty exciting!  (The first time I've seen Eagles mate!)  

She wanted to gallop up the hill, no - we did a nice trot.  Worked some circles both directions, then let her graze for a while.  We took the loop that goes close to the edge of the river where the little waterfall comes out of the hillside.  Instead of her usual spooking & attempt to whirl - she tucked her head & pranced by :-)
I'm hoping we get a break in this weather soon so I get get both the mares out to do more than stretch their legs!

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