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Friday, April 15, 2016

Gray Card Gray Day~

Light drizzle - not the sunshine that I'd hoped for.  The day was so close to gray card gray that I had to title it as such :-)  After a busy week, today was my day to ride!  
A slight sun break~
At Victoria, we have our training loop down now & it's fun to try to match or beat our own time.  I wasn't too motivated - we were only a half-mile out when Farah started shying at a broken tree tops on the road.  I dismounted - picked one big piece up & shook it all over her, needles flying!  She finally just dropped her head & closed her eyes - submission for sure!
View from the top~
 From that time on, I had a really great ride!  This mare is far from stupid, she constantly pushes boundaries - but once she realizes that the line has been drawn - she will respect it.  At least until the next time :-)  Of course Spring - doesn't help - her mind distracted until she gets to work.
Lunch is a big motivator :-)
  Today - we matched our good time to the Monument from last week & she was still dry.  I was admiring the view - it was so chilly that I put my jacket back on.  Farah had again looked up a couple times & soon a hiker came walking out.  Nice guy, we made small talk before I decided to move on.
The Sound~
 It was a somewhat subdued day - besides a few jets flying over early on, we didn't see anyone else all afternoon.  In just the past week, it's amazing how all the natives are blooming at once!
Bitter Cherry blooms~
 I could smell the bitter cherry, before we rounded the corner & came up on it.  Just beautiful - too bad the fruit isn't edible.  In Fall, the leaves turn turn beautiful oranges & golds. 
Devils Club
 The Devils Club is coming to life!  Sprouting it's nasty spiked leaves!  We went all the way to the bottom of the hill again - finding another tree blow down across the trail.
New tree down~
 Coming back up - we had to slow our trot/gallop to squeeze under - but Farah picked her pace right back up on the far side.  She again matched her fastest speed - as I asked for the slow down - we ran out of road fast!  It's almost fun when she starts applying the breaks - checking herself down, the smoothest of any horse I've ever ridden. 

We have a trip coming up before long, it will be good to get away again & see some fresh country~

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