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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Good Ole Days :-)

It had to be 2003 when I first met Diane in person.  We'd carried on a long distance friendship through email, while she was still on the east coast. When she & her Navy husband John moved to Whidbey Island, we finally met face-to-face :-)  With four boys, Diane had a sewing business too & it wasn't long before she was horse shopping!  Soon, I was invited over to see the beautiful black mare that she'd purchased from Montana.  Not long after that, she was bitten by the endurance bug!  
Elation & Diane at the NW Labor Day Ride 9-4-03
Just months earlier, I'd had my bad accident & was on crutches for the above ride.  We drove down to see Pan Am in September of that year.   I'd wanted to crew for Tiffany & Glenda (the mare Tiff had purchased from us) but instead - rode around in a truck to the out checks.  Really fun to at least be close to the action!
Glenda & Darlene at Pan Am
Diane helped with the vetting, it was an amazing experience, my second time at Pan Am & we both enjoyed it a lot.

We started riding together every chance we had.  I was riding Jas at that time, still horse shopping, while Diane was conditioning Elation.  Jas was coming to the end of her competitive career.  Diane went with me the day I went to see Khari - with the horse trailer in tow :-)
7-05  Diane checks out Khari's legs~
 Khari came home with me & it wasn't long before we were training together & having some amazing rides!  The two mares were well matched & liked each other.  Diane & Elation were winning rides, while I was getting over my fear issues & conditioning Khari.
Renegade 7-06-06
Our first official ride together was at Renegade in 2006.  It was Khari's first - so she followed Elation's lead :-)  We stuck to the trail, passed a bunch of riders who'd gone off trail & ended up just out of the top ten.  By 2007, we were going to rides together.
2008, our tent at Home On the Range
We made a couple trips up into Canada & really enjoyed the rides there.
Diane & Elation - Molton Creek - 4-27-09
 Today, when we were reminiscing about the rides & the times with Kathy, Susan & Shelley - it just didn't seem possible that so many years have gone by! 
Blanchard 2-17-10

 I was darn sad to see Diane, John & the boys move away to CA.  Khari was too - she looked for Elation for months after they'd left.  Since, we've stayed in touch - Facebook is great for that :-)  Diane evolved her Kozy Kids Company into Crazy Legs Tights.  Now, she & John have a barn full of talented endurance horses.  Times do change, friends remain :-)

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