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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Ladies Ride~

As I drove up to the Glass School parking - I was halted by a crew working on the lines.  With the stabilizing leg down on the truck, there was no room for me to get the trailer by.  The delay was only maybe ten minutes.  They brought the boom down, retracted the leg & we squeezed by :-)
Crew at work~
I was meeting up with Linda, Kerry & Toni for a mid-week ride :-)  It seemed warmer today than yesterday, the humidity was higher - the haze heavier.  It was a good excuse to get Farah out with more than one horse - a rarity for us & good for her.  Nice for us both to enjoy a group ride.
 Linda, Kerry & Toni
The bugs were again out in hoards - my spray didn't seem to do much, Linda's worked better.  We were all glad to reach the monument & the breeze that is almost always there.
Haze above the Sound~
The horses enjoyed the 6" high grass, full of blooming dandelions.  Kerry & Toni were amazed at Farah grazing on her own, I hope this practice doesn't come back to bite me :-)  Toni had to be back by mid-day, so after we brought them back within easy reach of the trailers - Linda & I left for another loop.
Higher on the mountain
We took the roads & stayed higher on the north end of the tree farm.   Khody seems to be enjoying the work he's been put to & led a lot of the way.  Farah was disinterested - still fully in season, but again I sure enjoyed her quiet demeanor.
Linda & Khody
We did go down one trail a short way - Linda thought there was a blow-down & yes, there was.  More chain saw work.  Farah seems to like Khody - I know she has a preference for buckskins - after her long time friendship with Amanda's handsome Cato.

After listening the the weather report, it sounds like we'll be moving back into temperatures more normal for this time of year & I really don't think I'll mind!  No bugs would be welcome!

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