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Saturday, April 9, 2016

New Hitching Rails at Bracken!

 Cascade Horse Club Chapter of Back Country Horsemen held their yearly trail clearing event at the Bracken Road Tree Farm today.  The main purpose though - was to get three new hitching rails installed at the shelter area.  The old log rails were rotted & badly in need of replacement.  
Matt, Butch & Scott - Picking them up!
 The new steel rails - designed & welded by Scott, then delivered to the site by Scott & Steve, were heavy & unwieldy.
Butch sprays with cold galvanizing paint~
Painted & ready to be set~
Augering the holes~
While this was going on - the rest of us were out clearing trail.  Not glamorous work, but satisfying in more ways than one.  To be contributing to the volunteer hours that help BCH obtain the grant funding that helps to keep our trails open nation wide.
Kathryn loading up the old rails~
 Trail clearing work is also a requirement of our agreement with the tree farm management - a reciprocal arrangement whereas CHC is allowed to host our Cinnamon Roll/Breakfast Ride - May 13-15th & the CHC Prize Ride - September 17th.  Both rides always well attended.
Finishing up~
By the time we came in off the trails, the work was just finishing up on the hitching rails!  Barbara V. appeared at noon with sandwiches & snacks for everyone!  Many thanks to Barbara!
Our crew~
    A really great group of hardworking volunteers that included; Jan & Dave, Chris & Matt, Linda, Leigh, Tina, Monique, (Who doesn't even own a horse!), Kathryn & Steve, Richard & Louise, Scott & Barbara of course.

The weather couldn't have been more beautiful, the people - none finer!  As we agreed - the hitching rails will outlast us all! 

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