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Monday, April 11, 2016

Typical April Day~

Harvey Creek~
 The on-shore flow was in full effect today.  Waking to overcast & cool temperatures, I was tempted to ride the Centennial Trail, but instead went back to Bracken, with the thought of checking out the trails we'd cleared.  Only a few trailers in the parking lot, one that I now recognize.  I wasn't the only one who had the idea - I soon ran into Leigh & Marlene :-)
A cleared trail~
 It was great to come up on this trail - that had been totally overgrown, almost tree branch to tree branch when we started & now - those branches cut back to the trunks.  It's just such an amazing time of year - one of my favorites. 
Into the larger trees~
 I followed the weed-whacking that Linda & Leigh had done - eventually ending up on the power lines.  We headed north & checked out the hitching rails!  Farah took a second look :-)  "Gee - they were over there - on the ground!  I spooked at them!"
Hitching Rails
 The danger tape was still up - since the Rails can't be used until the concrete is well set.  Nice to see that all was OK.  Even on a day of moseying - our average speeds are still going up - a good thing.  Doing rides in the teens in 2+ hours has been my goal for this month.
Sprouting ground!
 Everywhere you look, plants are sprouting up!  I thought these looked so interesting.  It almost seemed strange to be riding on a gray, overcast day - after we've enjoyed so much sunshine.  The temperature was perfect as far as I'm concerned - maybe low 60's.
Farah ~
 Farah was super today - forward.  When we got to the stock water tank, she stopped in the woods about 100ft. away.  I urged her forward - she walked up & Took a drink!  I about fell from the saddle in shock!  :-)
Enjoying the lush, fresh grass~
 I wasn't so lucky on our way back, this time - she started to walk up to it, then whirled before I could check her.  She got the stick for it, I dismounted - turned on the water & again she drank! 
The cows have some cute calves :-)
 We stopped & watched the calves running around - so cute :-)  On our way back - again I took some different trails & wound my way around - finding areas that I am now adding to the map in my head.  I've mentioned before that I'm direction-ally challenged - but still can memorize a lot of trail!
Blooming Mahonia
Any time I'm asked about native plants for landscaping - this is one of the first I mention.  It's a beautiful ground cover, bright green shiny leaves, turning reds in the fall & with the beautiful yellow blooms in spring. 


  1. I think this plant is the bush I have but mine is almost 6 feet tall so perhaps just a relative. The best thing about it - it's one of the few things around here that stay green all year.

  2. There are two varieties of this plant, the other is taller as you describe!


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