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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Traveling to Quincy~

Scott in the Lead, Linda next~
We'd really been looking forward to another horse camping trip to the Quincy area.  Feeling lucky again that Scott & Barb included us in their plans!  This year, with her new rig - Linda was ready to join us!
At the Cole's Corner Rest Area~
We also had two new-to-us riders joining our group.  Meeting up in Sultan at 10 a.m. - we made great time to Cole's Corner - where we made our only stop.  Time to let all the dogs out for a break & that was about it!
Passing by Wenatchee~
We were surprised to see all the cloud cover & cooler temperatures when we got to Wenatchee.  The sunshine we'd enjoyed up to then, had rapidly disappeared.  Only another short hop to our camp site, which had changed this year.  Last season, we'd camped right in Dave's front yard - if you can think of any portion of his huge ranch as a front yard :-)
 Our camp~
This time, other BCH members had gotten their reservations in ahead of us, so we had the secondary camp sites just to the north.  Dave has sold the largest portion of his ranch & is in the process of building a new home out on the bluff that Butch & I had admired our last visit.

Our new camping spots were easy access, with high lines.  Farah has never high lined & has difficulty playing nice with others - so she had her usual hot wire pen.  By the time we were all situated, it was time for drinks, dinner, conversation & talk of the trails we would be riding.  We had a little excitement - when one horse got away - twice - the second time traveling quite a distance before she was recovered!
Out on the living room porch~
Jeannie came by in her truck, loaded us all up - Butch & I rode in the back - FUN -  as we headed over to the new house!  We got the under construction tour at almost sunset!  The views?  Well, when it's the only house perched out on the promontory - you can just imagine.  I didn't want to rudely take photos of a private residence, but you will see it from a distance on my next post.

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