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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Leaving Lots of LNT!

Trucks at Bracken
 Today I was on a mission & it was well timed.  When I arrived at Bracken - the lot had been newly graded.  No piles of manure or hair.  I came prepared with LNT brochures & a few of the bags we'd received at last weekends class.  I walked the parking lot & put a brochure on every windshield.
One of the bags~
 There was only one lady with two young riders saddling up - as I walked around.  I introduced myself & handed her a brochure.  She had no idea that she was riding on private property - needed to sign a liability waiver & was more than happy to take the LNT information - since she works with a lot of 4-H kids too.  Thank you Karen!
Native Bleeding Hearts
 It was just a beautiful morning.  I decided to stretch my boundaries & take another trail, as I'm memorizing my way around now :-)  There I ran into Leigh & Martha!  We stopped to chat & I explained that they would find a brochure on their trucks :-)
View of the Olympics!
 It was still clear enough that the views of the Olympics were grand!  Farah was in a heightened mode today for whatever reason.  She decided that a tree top on one of the wooded trails was something that she was Not going to go by!  I sat there, started eating some grapes & watched as she huffed & puffed.  Finally - she realized that we were going Nowhere unless she decided to pass the tree top.  After she did - I dismounted & shook it all over her body.  She stood there & looked as guilty as a horse can...
Again - the water tank.
 She tried the dancy/prancy thing at the water tank too, didn't work & she finally gave in & put her nose in the water.
Tree leaves budding~
Our Spring is in full bloom now - pedals from the bitter cherry trees, floating down with the breeze - contributed to the perfect riding day. 
Crossing Tin Bridge still reminds me of moving through a portal to a different world.  Farah is always on a mission to get there, since it's a very nice lunch spot. :-)
Elderberry ~
So many of our state's native plants are now blooming.  The Salmonberry, Red Elderberry & even the small wild roses have their tiny pink buds opening!  The air smells so rich & lush - almost sweet enough to eat!
Bitter Cherry Blooms~
Back at the parking - all the rigs that were there earlier were gone - no brochures on the ground!   I put more on the windshields of the late arrivals. Here's hoping that they are read & that just maybe - gradually - we'll see some improvement.


  1. Well done !! :) What river is your bridge over ?? When I was a very young girl, we lived in Gold Bar, I still have family in Sultan and Monroe :)

  2. North Fork of the Stillaquamish - east of Arlington. Same river that runs through the Oso slide area~ I do think of it as "my" bridge :-)


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