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Friday, April 8, 2016

Sittin' On Top of the World~

Monday, Justin re-shod Farah & boy did she need shoes!  We waited 7-weeks to let her hooves grow.  She was ready to lose a front & the backs were paper thin.  Tue. I had errands to run & Wed. we were riding.
View from the seat at the Monument
 Yesterday, I spent the morning writing letters of support for a grant that Snohomish County Parks is applying for, to finish the last 7-mile section of the Whitehorse Trail.  In the afternoon - I emptied out the horse trailer - then scrubbed it inside & out!  I think it had been over a year & I couldn't believe how the grime had built up.  Butch got home, checked it out & we re-loaded the tack room.
My hard working Bronco, with our generic Circle J Bronco Pony Trailer~
 If I had kept track of the miles Farah & I have been on the road these last years - I'm sure it would be a very large number.  90% of the mileage probably within 100-miles of home.  Being retired has it's perks, but it's a shame that Seattle traffic keeps me from traveling farther :-(
Heading to the top~
 Today - I was more than ready to enjoy another of these amazing sunshine spring days!  Farah & I went to Victoria - no one there - except for a couple bike riders & a car parked in the horse trailer parking.  I left him with a note & a LNT brochure :-)
Almost to the top~
 Farah was feeling really good, having new steel seemed to give her an added boost!  :-)  I've been wanting to increase our over all speed & today we got that done easily.  She had a nice sheen of sweat at the top.
Who's coming?
 I tried wearing the new Under Armor tights that I'd bought at the end of last season.  Wow - was I impressed!  They actually did keep me feeling cooler & anything that does that I'm all for!  I don't think it was as hot today as yesterday - but if they work as well on the hot days - I'll order another pair!  Thanks Cortney!
Mountains, Water, Sky~
 Such a brilliant day! 
Olympics from the Monument
 Farah was grazing & I'd seen her look up toward the trail once or twice.  Sure enough - two guys came out on bikes & hailed as they did saying that they didn't want to scare the horse.  How very nice of them!  Farah only glanced their way - she'd heard them - & went right back to the grass.  Time for us to move on anyway.
Old Cedar Stump~
 Have always especially liked going by this old stump, so today he got a photo taken :-)  We did a whole lot of trot & at one point Farah lifted herself into the air & leaped into the smoothest canter ever!  I loved it!  She's getting her annual Adequan series a month later than usual.  She's only had the first dose, so I can't believe that it's making any difference that soon - but it's great stuff!  Too bad it's not available for human use!
At the bottom~
 I'd heard that lots of trees were down on the lower roads & there were a lot, but all were either easy to step over, or had been cut. 
At 300th~
We went all the way down to 300th - I would have liked to go on, but had my Chiropractic appointment & had to start back.  I have to say that I'm riding so much better & feeling so much better - I'm hopeful that it will help with the heat too.
Heading back north~
Once at the bottom, we started our 3-mile trot then gallop to the top!  So much fun!  Farah has it so well timed - I know she enjoys it too.  Once we hit the 3-way intersection - she takes a breath then does her burst up the final hill.  She slows down when I sit deep - at least when she's not in a halter :-)

Tomorrow - Trail Clearing at Bracken!  

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