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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Takin' Each Day~

Another glorious day, ten degrees cooler would have been perfect.  It seems these last few years, the flowers bloom,  things get so beautiful - then we get a streak of heat that burns all the delicate blooms. :-(   83 in Arlington as I was heading up to Linda's just about noon - another record breaker.
Heading up Linda's access trail~
Farah's spring season seems never-ending - she was pretty low key & miserable.  It was wonderful - for me anyway!  No spooking, a nice subdued mare - except when Khody gave her an uninvited touch!  Not!
Lower trail~
Linda has an upcoming trail-clearing, the trails are very dry - we took one to see what work will need to be done.  It's amazing to see how fast the little trees have grown!  Grass taking over where thistle & weeds were.  Before too many more years - this trail will be shaded!
Linda & Khody
Khody's beautiful buckskin color is just as pretty when he darkens with sweat.  We did a steep climb & he only stopped once for a break.   Farah wanted to do her usual leaps up - but agreed to take it easier & put out the extra effort to step up the trail.
NW from the Monument
There was a light heat haze in the air today, the bugs are horrible - out in force.  We had to stop to spray ourselves down & it hardly helped.  Once up on top though - there was a nice breeze that we really enjoyed.
Starry False Solomon's Seal
The tiny white flowers & showy leaves make this plant a nice native for your home garden.  Best grown in rich, loose, humusy, consistently moist but well-drained soils in part shade. Preferring our climate with moderate summer temperatures, it spreads by creeping rhizomes to form colonies - as you see above.
Linda & Khody
Khody has a super nice walk!  He lead most of the way back & even gave Farah nasty sideways looks when she came along side!  I told her that it's called payback :-)  We had a good ride, I took my electrolyte tablets & drank my water.  Once back to Linda's - a V8 hit the spot!
Our route~
Farah came back as calmly as she'd gone out - just a peach the whole way.  The kind of ride that I can't help but sit back & enjoy when I get it!  On our way home, it was 82 in Arlington - hopefully cooler for tomorrow.

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  1. I love all the green in these photos. Spring is just starting to spring here, and these views are refreshing.


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