Ain't nuthin like ridin' a fine horse in a new country - Augustus McCrae – Lonesome Dove

Thursday, May 26, 2016


Our trip home was totally uneventful, the very best kind.  We stopped near Chehalis for a late lunch or early dinner.  Once home, Butch unloaded, then washed the truck, camper & trailer!  Later, the evening was so beautiful, we sat out with the dogs & enjoyed being home!

There were so many things that went right at this ride.  The biggest - we had Fun!  I needed to have fun!  Getting the opportunity to hang out with John & Diane was just the best!  The weather cooperated!  I kept my jacket with me most of the ride, thinking of the thunderstorm that we'd driven through on the way to camp!  One light rain was just enough to cut the dust on ride day. 
Diane & Connie
 Too much time goes by - way too fast - but when we do get the chance to catch-up, we do :-)  I do think that these two should move back up here - they'd have more opportunity to use the fireplace that was going most of the weekend!  :-)
Butch & John
I know that Diane would agree that we have two of the very best husbands around!  Without Butch's help - Farah & I wouldn't be able to do the rides the way we do.  I need time to re-coop & Farah loves it when she knows Butch is waiting for her.  I wasn't feeling quite up to the task at hand, but after planning & looking forward to the ride for so long - there was no way I wasn't going to give it my best effort.
The ride captured by my Garmin
 There were a couple of times when I forgot to shut the Garmin off when I was in camp, then forgot to turn it on until we were out of camp & I'd missed the vibration of another mile clicking over.  It really does make for an amazing view of the ride though!  Rides like this one, similar enough to the type of terrain we have at home, yet with miles of trails made for trotting are a horseman's dream.  I still miss Alpine - another ride that went on for years & was loved by everyone.
Farah mowing~
I almost went riding from home this week, I'm anxious to see if the big tree has been cut & hopeful that my access is still there.  Instead, I took it easy - something that I hardly ever do.  Farah has greeted me at her stall door each morning with a nice nicker.  She even put her cheek against mine & let me know that she really enjoyed herself.

We've the beach trip to look forward to & maybe another ride? :-)

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