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Thursday, May 19, 2016

RoadTrip to Mt. Adams~

It's a good story, so as with any good story, I'll start at the beginning~
405 South Bound
It really doesn't matter when you leave, unless you want to head out about 4 a.m.  We left home about 8:30 - made one stop & were on the road by 9 a.m.
Pouring Rain~
The weather didn't improve as we drove south...  Diane & John were driving up from CA - they'd made a stop-over in OR.  We were texting back & forth - our timing was almost perfect - by the time we made the turn onto Hwy 84, they were only 20 min. ahead of us!  Of course - anyone who's made the drive to the Mt. Adams ride camp - knows whats coming next!
The Bridge~
Butch waited for a Semi to get across before we started over...
The expanse of the Columbia~
You do get the breath-taking views of the river, right out your window...  It's a narrow bridge & it does flex in the wind!
Past mid-span
Once you're past the middle, you start to think that you're actually going to make it over :-)  Sweet relief!  Not long after, we pulled into ride camp to find that we already had neighbors!
Titan & Fonzi
At least they added a touch of class to the hillside :-)   The sunshine was so welcome, after the wet drive down & listening to the dire weather forecast!
Farah in her pen~
Farah instantly recognized her friends from our visit to Diane's last spring, when Patty & I had been on our way home from the Southern, CA trip.  She checked out each horse & still seemed to like Fonzi the best :-)
Close to our usual spot~
 It's so nice to get to camp a day early.  Just over a six-hour drive down, we still had daylight to get set-up & enjoy the evening.  Diane & John took the horses out for a spin.
Diane & Titan, Fonzi & John on Justice
We took the dogs for a walk around the valley & admired the snow on the mountain.  Just a beautiful evening that soon turned really cold!
Mt. Adams~
 By time for bed, Farah had her winter blanket on & I was so glad I'd brought our heavy comforter!  Morning was frosty- probably low 30's & it felt cold until the sun warmed things up!  Nice to think that we had another full day before the ride!
To be Continued~

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